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WX2 Advertising & PR's new film gets pretty animated!

The digital experiences that shape our lives!

WX2's new film about advertising and inspiration stars Xrimmixru's paw immersed in a sea of vibrant animation. The new film explores how WX2 sits inside the digital ecosystem to connect people across the internet, both in social channels as well as engagement with websites. Everyday advertising and PR on the internet shapes our lives. This new film reveals the work and wisdom of almost every team member, and tells the story about the profound impact the internet has on all our lives. Finally, this wonderful film explains how WX2 shapes consumer culture. It has a rockin' soundtrack and we find it hard not to tap our feet when we watch it. Exploding in concentric circles, we feel the social and cultural impact of our work is well depicted in our new film. We work for you, your likers, followers, posters, bloggers, tweeters and sharers. We hope you like it!

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